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Microfiber material: flow yoga towel is made from high-quality microfiber material that absorbs moisture and increases the grip simultaneously. The sweatier, the better!

Grip, don’t slip: flow yoga towel loves moisture and the heat! Move freely in your favorite flow, and let the towel guard your stability by keeping the surface of the foundation dry.

Multipurpose: yoga towels are not only for yoga. They can be used as beach towels or park blankets because of their super absorbent material, easy to wash and carry around.

Towel with the mission: this yoga towel contributed toward the cleaner Planet. Nine PET plastic bottles were recycled to make one flow yoga towel.

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Do I really need a yoga towel?

Because of its multipurpose use, yoga towel can be an excellent yoga accessory to have.

Own protection: yoga towel can be a protective layer between your skin and commonly used studio yoga mats. If you can’t take your own yoga mat to class, pack a very light yoga towel into your bag instead!

Keeps your practice dry: yoga mat towels are incredibly absorbent. Some yogis perspire more than others, even while practicing a gentle style of yoga. This is why it is good to have a towel that efficiently absorbs sweat. Whether you use a yoga towel in hot yoga or restorative yoga class, you will be able to focus on yoga without having to focus on how uncomfortable you feel.

Many ways to use: it might be difficult to believe, but because of the soft feel of microfiber material yoga towel can serve as a beach towel, swimming pool chair cover, park blanket, you name it. Miflow yoga towel makes a perfect gift to a yogi friend!

Can I use a regular towel for yoga?

A microfiber yoga towel is much more absorbent than a regular cotton towel, which makes it better for any style of yoga you practice. The regular towel won’t absorb sweat as efficiently, will become soaked quickly, and won’t prevent you from slipping. Microfiber yoga mat towel remains dry and provides a better grip with every drop of sweat.

Additionally, the yoga towel is designed to fit perfectly over any yoga mat from end to end, which might not be the case with a regular towel.

How to wash a yoga mat towel?

Microfiber yoga mat towels are washing machine-friendly, making it easy to keep them clean and fresh. It would be best to wash your yoga towel in a laundry net (if you wash it with the same color clothes) in warm water max 30°C/86°F. Avoid using fabric softeners if you want to keep that grip intact.

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