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Light-weighted and extra pliable: whether rolled or folded, yogigo travel yoga mat does not take too much space and is easy to carry. Put a travel yoga mat in your bag, and bring it along to your next journey!

3-in-1: the yogigo travel yoga mat has a natural rubber base, microfiber middle layer (to absorb moisture), and transparent anti-skip top layer.

Thin but grippy: the unique anti-skid top layer gives a solid grip in dry and wet conditions and protects microfiber from wearing out too quickly.  

Extra layer: travel yoga mat can be used on top of another yoga mat when there is a need for extra cushioning or as a protective layer on communal studio mats.

Made to last:  the bottom layer of yogigo travel yoga mat is made from sustainable natural rubber, which is resistant to tearing. Even if folded many times, this mat will maintain its quality and last longer.

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Can you travel with a yoga mat?

You can travel with a yoga mat just like any other item you take on your trip, but make no mistake – it is a skill to travel with a regular yoga mat.
A regular yoga mat weights quite a bit, doesn’t like to be folded and squeezed in the suitcase. They are simply too thick for that. Therefore, the natural thought would be to take it as a carry-on item. However, regular yoga mats could be considered too large as hand luggage, and Airlines might ask you to check them in.
Consider investing in a good travel yoga mat to make your travel more pleasant if you wish to take your yoga buddy along.

What is a travel yoga mat?

A travel yoga mat is a mat that is lighter in weight, thinner in thickness, and sometimes smaller in size compared to regular yoga mats to make it easier to take with you. Travel yoga mats are about 1/16″ (appx 1.5mm) thick and weigh less than 1 kg (2 lbs), which makes them easy to carry along.

Can you fold a travel yoga mat?

Whether you can fold a travel yoga mat depends on the material it is made from. Always read the description before you purchase the mat.

Yogigo high-quality travel yoga mat is made from durable yet flexible natural rubber and microfiber, which gives the mat the flexibility to be folded or rolled according to your preferences. Mat will easily fit into your suitcase, bag, or backpack if you don’t want to carry it over your shoulder.

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Sustainable natural rubber, moisture absorbing microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles and anti skid top layer.


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