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Natural rubber base: this yoga mat sticks well on the floor and provides stability: no more slipping or sliding. Try challenging poses in confidence.

Microfiber middle layer: where traditional PVC yoga mats become slippery and unusable when damp, microfiber absorbs moisture by keeping the mat dry.  

Unique anti-skid top layer: transparent and extra-thin top layer provides the grip at all times, whether hands are sweaty or not (yet).

Perfect balance: yogigo flow yoga mats perfectly balance the right amount of cushioning to protect your wrists and knees, with a good-grip surface to ensure a stable and solid practice.

Suitable for any style of yoga: enjoy challenging Ashtanga, sweaty Bikram, Hot yoga, flowing Vinyasa, or relaxing Yin on yogigo eco-yoga mat.

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What are the unique features of yogigo yoga mats?

Where traditional microfiber top yoga mats have two layers (also known as combo mats), yogigo flow yoga mats have a third top layer. An extremely thin and transparent layer maintains the grip in dry or wet conditions and acts as a protective layer for microfiber. There is no need to spray water on yogigo microfiber top yoga mat to enhance the grip- the grip is already present and increases with the heat produced. 

Three-layered yogigo yoga mats will also last longer because the middle microfiber layer is protected by the unique antiskid top layer and durable natural rubber base.

Why are natural rubber yoga mats better?

Natural rubber yoga mats – the healthiest choice for you and the Planet!

Yoga mats made from sustainable natural rubber do not contain any synthetic and toxic materials. By nature, natural rubber is environmentally and people-friendly. When producing natural rubber yoga mats, there is no need to add any heavy metals to make them more durable or grippy (which is required for PVC yoga mats) because these properties are already present in the natural rubber product.

Yoga mats with a natural rubber base can be slightly heavier than PVC-plastic or TEP base yoga mats. Still, the bonus point is that natural rubber is more enduring, which makes yoga mats last longer.

It is also important to mention that, differently from plastic yoga mats, natural rubber yoga mats are fully biodegradable.


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Sustainable natural rubber, moisture absorbing microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles and anti skid top layer.

2 reviews for Regular Yoga Mat

  1. Eglė

    I’m using my blue yoga mat for a month now and I’m falling in love with it each day more and more. It’s simply amazing. Pleasant to touch, with a nice grip. Very good quality, exceptional and sustainable. I recommend this mat to everyone who loves yoga.

  2. Aron

    I am very happy with the mat. The grip is really good and the mat feels soft. I didn’t want a plain yoga mat, and it’s hard to find a nice design that fits for a guy, so this was perfect.

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