Corki Yoga Block


From nature: made from the cork oak tree, which is a renewable resource; yogigo corki yoga block is a biodegradable product that is friendly to your practice and to our Planet.

Non-slip with an easy-grip: soft feel, easy to grip on, hands don’t slip even when wet. Rounded edges make it pleasant to grab corki block and remain in the pose easily.

Multipurpose: yoga block helps to improve the alignment and modify poses, provides support for knees or hips when needed.

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How yoga blocks can help?

Not only yoga beginners but also experienced yogis use yoga blocks to improve the alignment, go deeper in the pose, increase flexibility, or advance a specific yoga asana.
Yoga beginners might find it challenging to perform yoga poses fully; therefore, yoga blocks can help to modify the pose and avoid physical injuries.

How many yoga blocks I need?

Regardless of your level in yoga, it is advised to have at least two yoga blocks, but starting with one is already an excellent investment. 

One yoga block can be used when improving the alignment in standing poses, such as Half Moon, Triangle, or in a standing Forward bend. Yogis, who can’t sit in a Hero pose, place one yoga block under their buttocks.

Two yoga blocks are necessary when modifying/improving yoga poses where both feet, hands, or shoulders should be in contact with yoga blocks.

For example, in a seated or lying pose such as Butterfly, two yoga blocks are used to support the legs. Improving Chaturanga (Plank pose) – two yoga blocks are placed under each shoulder. 

Two yoga blocks are necessary for working on more advanced poses like Bridge pose or Lolasana (Pendant Pose).

How to clean cork yoga block?

Proper care of your yoga clock will guarantee a longer life span. Since cork yoga block is a natural product, cleaning it with a damp cloth should be enough. Chemicals can damage the texture of cork material; therefore if you have more stubborn stains to clean, use an organic liquid soap made from natural products. It should be safe to use a few drops. Leave the block to dry before you use it again.



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