Private Label Yoga Products

In the ocean of yoga practice, a private-label yoga products are a beacon of individuality

JurGita Mike, founder of yogigo

Personal story

One beautiful day, my phone buzzed with a voice message that would set the course for a new chapter in the yogigo journey. The message was from a dear old friend, a cherished client, and a passionate yoga studio owner who had been faithfully choosing yogigo’s eco-friendly yoga mats for her studio for years. In her message, she asked if we could help her create private-label yoga mats. She loved the quality of yogigo mats but dreamt of seeing her own logo adorning the mats she provided to her dedicated yogis.

My response was immediate and unwavering: “Yes, of course! We will figure this out!” How could I resist the opportunity to help her turn this dream into reality?

If I needed a sign from the Universe that this was the right direction, it came only days later over a casual cup of coffee with another friend – a dedicated yoga teacher. Her eyes sparkled with excitement when I shared the story, and she revealed her big dream of owning yoga mats with her own logo too.

And thus, yogigo private-label journey began and mission evolved: we were no longer focusing on selling high-quality yogigo yoga mats but focusing towards empowering yoga studios and yoga teachers to have their own branded yoga mats: make their mark, etch their own logo, and express their unique identities through their very own branded mats.

After all, there is no studio too small or too big that doesn’t deserve to have its logo proudly displayed on a yoga mat.

yogigo team looks forward to helping you turn your dream into a tangible, grippable reality!

How can yogigo help you?

“If You Can See It In Your Mind, You Can Hold It In Your Hand”

Bob Proctor

Starting your journey of branded yoga products begins with one simple step – reaching out to us. We invite you to send us an email or give us a call. Better yet, let’s grab a cup of coffee and let the aroma stir up a conversation about your dreams.

What is it that you envision for your studio? Perhaps you dream of selling branded yoga mats to your yogis or incorporating them into your yoga classes. Maybe you wish to sell colorful yoga towels with your beautiful logo on them. Or maybe both? Have you thought about offering travel yoga mats to your on-the-go yogis? And what about gifting a yoga block with your logo to every yogi who purchases a yearly subscription? There’s a wide expanse of possibilities for you to consider.

Or is your dream as expansive as the horizon, encompassing not only yoga mats but a whole range of yoga props for the entire studio? At yogigo, we believe in dreaming big and soaring high because when it comes to realizing your dreams, the sky truly is the limit!

Our initial meet-up for that first cup of coffee or tea isn’t a commitment – it’s the opening of a dialogue, a first step towards exploring the best possibilities for bringing your dream to life. Whether it’s your logo on the yoga towel, the cheerful design on the yoga mat, colors that resonate with your brand, or a specific request you have in mind, we’re here to help every step of the way. 

Benefits of Private Label yoga products

Branded yoga products not only enhance your studio’s visibility but also give your yogis a sense of belonging to your unique yoga community. Investing in private-label yoga products allows you to express your studio’s personality, values, and commitment to quality, making your mark in the vibrant tapestry of yoga.

Imagine your yogis unrolling a yoga towel or a yoga mat imprinted with your logo, feeling an immediate sense of connection to the yoga community you’ve built. With every yoga session, your brand becomes a part of their journey of self-discovery, a symbol of their growth, and a reminder of the strength and resilience they’ve developed within your studio walls.

private label yoga block

Moreover, private-label products are an excellent way to extend your brand presence beyond the studio. Whether taken to a park, a beach, or even another studio, your brand becomes a walking testament to your yoga community. It invites curiosity, sparks conversations, and can even inspire others to join your yoga family.

When it comes to workshops and yoga teacher trainings, branded yoga products are an invaluable asset. They offer a unique opportunity to provide your participants with a meaningful keepsake that represents their learning journey with your studio.

Now, isn’t this an opportunity worth seizing? Yogigo is ready to help you transform this vision into reality. With our commitment to quality, sustainability, and creativity, we promise to assist you every step of the way in creating private-label yoga products that reflect your unique spirit.

It’s time to let your brand shine, create a tangible touchpoint between your studio and your yogis, and inspire your community every time they step onto the mat, unroll the towel, or use a yoga block. 

Reach out to us today, and let’s take this journey together, transforming your dreams into reality.

“No matter the size of the studio, every logo deserves its place of pride on a yoga mat”

JurGita Mike, founder yogigo
Yoga mode studio

Private Label Yoga Towels

The quality of a yoga towel can significantly enhance a yoga practice. At Yogigo, we understand this well, which is why we offer only the finest quality yoga towels, each adorned with practical silicone dots for superior grip.

Weighing approximately 660 grams, they provide the perfect balance of durability and comfort. Additionally, you can choose from an array of 11 vibrant colors, ensuring that the yoga towel reflects your personal taste & yoga studio branding.

Your logo will be laser-engraved and you will have the freedom to decide the placement of the logo – whether on the corner, bottom, or top of the towel -allowing you to customize your yoga accessory in a way that best suits your preference.