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Stomach hurts after Yoga: 4 reasons why

why my stomach hurts after yoga

Yoga is an amazing exercise to build strength and endurance and calm and clear the mind. It is normally a gentle exercise, but if you aren’t intentional about the time…

Can you do yoga in a closed room?

Yoga in a closed room

Awareness of breath is at the heart of yoga. Deep, clear breathing is an essential part of yoga practice, and a part of this is practicing in an ideal environment…

Can You Use a Yoga Towel Without a Mat?

can i use a towel as a yoga mat

Each yogi’s practice is different, and it is essential to understand what props and supports you need to improve your experience. Mats are the most widespread option to practice yoga,…

Is Your Yoga Mat Too Thin? Here’s What to do

Yoga mat too thin how to solve

Yoga is a widely accepted practice for both mental and physical health. It works on strengthening the body and mind while increasing flexibility and mobility. However, especially for beginners, people…

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