Gita Mike

Gita Mike

Gita Mike is a long time meditator and yoga practitioner who believes there is a spiritual solution to any challenge that we are faced with. She wants to share her experience and knowledge to help others find their path towards mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.

Why Does Mindfulness Make You Angry? 3 Reason

Can mindfulness make you angry yogigo

Mindfulness is the practice of being totally absorbed in the present, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This state can be achieved through various activities, like meditation, yoga, or even washing the dishes. And while the point of being in the present…

How To Meditate While Doing Housework

Can you meditate while you clean

Meditation typically involves an intense awareness of the present moment and the ability to dwell in and reflect on your internal state. While meditation is usually performed in padmasana(lotus posture) with your eyes closed, it’s possible to integrate a degree…

4 Ways To Make a Yoga Mat Less Sticky

Ways To Make a Yoga Mat Less Sticky

Yoga mats are great for all kinds of exercise, and of course, they’re ideal for practicing yoga at home. If you’ve ever done yoga before, you’ll know that the yoga mats have a tactile feeling on top, which is there…

This is why your eyes move when you meditate

is it normal that my eyes move while meditating

Each meditation experience is unique and extremely personal. While you should practice without judging what you feel during meditation, it can be beneficial to share your experience. When it comes down to rapid eye movement episodes, it is essential to…