Gita Mike

Gita Mike

Gita Mike is a long time meditator and yoga practitioner who believes there is a spiritual solution to any challenge that we are faced with. She wants to share her experience and knowledge to help others find their path towards mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.

Is Meditation a Hobby?

Meditating is not a hobby. It is a lifestyle

If you’ve recently started a meditation practice, you may be wondering how to refer to this new mindfulness technique you’ve found. For regular meditators, their daily practice is an integral part of their lives, but is meditation a hobby? Meditation…

Can Yoga Pants Be Used for Swimming?

Can I swim in yoga shorts? Yogigobrand yoga journal

Yoga pants are an industry of their own, with several options available for men and women. Since they’re so comfy, most people use yoga pants for various physical activities. While it’s OK to use this activewear for most athletic activities,…

How Long Do the Effects of Meditation Last?

How long the effects of meditation last

It’s no secret that meditation can have a wide range of positive effects. The benefits are expansive, from feeling calmer and more peaceful to releasing old pain to being more creative and productive. However, these benefits can also feel fleeting…

Why Does Doing Yoga Make You Yawn?

Why Yoga Makes You Yawn

Yoga allows you to enter a state of deep awareness and relaxation during which unconscious bodily changes occur. It’s natural for people to experience flatulence, hunger, tingling sensations, and other phenomena. Yawning is one phenomenon that’s quite common during a yoga session,…

Can You Meditate After a Meal?

is it better to meditate before or after meal

Most yoga teachers and meditation gurus recommend meditating either at sunrise or sunset to reap the benefits of this mindful practice. And while early mornings can be pleasurable, meditating after dinner is a bit more challenging. You shouldn’t meditate after…

Why Does Mindfulness Make You Angry? 3 Reason

Can mindfulness make you angry yogigo

Mindfulness is the practice of being totally absorbed in the present, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This state can be achieved through various activities, like meditation, yoga, or even washing the dishes. And while the point of being in the present…

Can You Use Shoes on a Yoga Mat? Best Practices

Why do you not wear shoes in yoga?

While yoga mats are primarily used to practice asanas, some people have found them to be the ideal base for various types of workouts. For example, exercises that require the practitioner to move around and jump would benefit from a…