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5 Reasons Why You Need A Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga mats can be somewhat unwieldy at times: the thicker, longer, and more durable your yoga mat is, the heavier and more difficult it’ll be to transport. Even with a lightweight mat, you need something to hold it together, or else it’ll unravel as you carry it alongside other yoga accessories. While it might come with the carrying straps, they are usually light-duty and don’t provide room for other items you might want to take with you to your session.

You need a yoga mat bag to protect your mat, enhance its durability, and add convenience and a sense of style to your yoga experience. That’s because, unlike many conventional bags, yoga mat bags are stylish, durable, breathable, and versatile.

Read on for a detailed discussion on why you should consider investing in a yoga mat bag. 

Yoga mat bag can protect your Investment

When you invest in a quality yoga mat, you’ll want to get a bag for your buck by ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. There are several ways to do that, and investing in a quality yoga mat bag is one of them. 

Yoga design lab yoga mat bag

Unlike any other type of bag that you might be thinking of using to carry your mat, yoga mat bags come designed to perfectly fit the various mat sizes. That means regardless of your mat size, you won’t have to jam it in as you often would with a conventional bag, which can leave your mat with unsightly wrinkles. Besides looking uninviting, wrinkles can also compromise a yoga mat’s functionality because they prevent it from laying flat when in use.

In addition to preventing wrinkles, a yoga mat bag also provides better protection against weather elements compared to carrying your mat on a bike. While it’s possible (and common) to carry your yoga mat on a bike, doing that may expose it to elements that can cause damage.

UV rays, in particular, can damage yoga mats made of natural rubber. Rain might also be an issue, especially if you’re working with a mat that isn’t waterproof. And even with a waterproof option, it isn’t necessarily the best idea to constantly expose your mat to rainwater because this can deform it.

Lastly, a yoga mat bag can help protect your mat against bacterial growth. After an intense session, your mat will likely be drenched in sweat. If you stow it in a conventional bag right after, chances are it’ll accumulate some bacteria because many of these bags aren’t designed with breathability in mind.

With a yoga mat bag, your mat will be more protected from bacterial growth. That’s because such bags either come with air holes or a breathable construction to air out your mat, which helps prevent bacterial build-up and odors.

Are yoga mat bags durable

While the construction varies across types, yoga mat bags are by far more durable than the standard rope straps that come with most yoga mats. More often than not, these straps break easily if you use your yoga mat frequently (and who doesn’t?).

Yoga mat bags, on the other hand, come with thick and tough construction to withstand the rigors of frequent use. This is especially true for bags on the heavier side of things because the extra weight is usually due to a thick and tough construction. But even with a lightweight option, you can rest assured that it’ll outlast the basic ropes your mat came with.

Keep in mind that the thickness of the construction isn’t the only determinant of durability in yoga mat bags. The type of construction materials used also matters. For the most durable option, look for a bag made of canvas, nylon, cotton, or linen.

Are yoga mat bags breathable

With the recent and justified emphasis on protecting the environment, yogis are increasingly taking a special liking to eco-friendly yoga mats such as those made of rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). Market analysts have documented this shift in preference, too. 

According to a recent Grand View Research Report, the demand for yoga mats made of rubber is expected to have a faster Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2025 than that of PVC mats. In fact, the report holds that while PVC had the largest market share as a construction material for yoga mats in 2018, it’s gradually losing to rubber and other eco-friendly materials because it’s non-recyclable and toxic.

Indeed, yogis are making a mark as far as protecting the planet is concerned.

But while it makes sense to choose a mat made of natural materials to complement the theme of total mind and body peace, you also need to keep in mind that such mats need to breathe because they’re particularly prone to bacterial growth. As such, you need to carry them in a breathable bag, and the ones designed specifically for yoga mats are excellent at that.

Unlike many conventional bags, yoga mat bags usually come with air holes to let your mat breathe. Those that don’t have such perforations are made of breathable materials. Either way, they let your mat air out to prevent bacterial growth and prevent unwanted odors. While you might not mind the odor, you don’t want bacterial build-up on your mat because it can cause skin infections.

Yoga mat bags are Stylish

While you may be into yoga primarily for its many health benefits, you probably don’t want to experience the walk of shame every time you hop out of your sweat session due to an unsightly bag. You’ll want to look great even in your quest for a healthier mind and body, and choosing a yoga mat bag that suits your personal style is one way to add a touch of class to your regimen.

Luckily, the yoga mat bag is designed with style in mind, and there’s a multitude of options to choose from. Some look like tantric tennis slings that you can easily carry over your shoulder, while others mimic the appearance of beach bags. There are also those with a tote design for yogis who feel more comfortable carrying their items by hand. 

What’s more, there are virtually endless color options. From simple black and grey for the conservatives to floral and camo designs for the bold dresser, there’s a color scheme for each personality type. Add to that the variety of designs, and you can be sure to find something that looks great hanging over your shoulders or hands.

A yoga mat bag has versatile functionality

Even though the design varies with brand, price, size, and other factors, yoga mat bags usually come with extra pockets and compartments. That means they allow you to carry not only your yoga mat but also other accessories you might need in your sessions, such as mat towels, bath towels, a change of clothes, face towels, phone, water bottle, and much more.

This kind of functionality will come in handy if you have other businesses to attend to right after your yoga class because it means you won’t have to rush back to grab items that you might need. It also helps you stay organized because it allows you to pack everything you’ll need for the day in advance, so you don’t forget some items.

Summing Up

That brings us to the end of today’s post. As we’ve seen throughout this discussion, investing in a yoga mat bag can improve your yoga experience in so many ways.

If you’re convinced you need one, understand that there’s nothing like a perfect yoga mat bag. What there is, however, is a bag that’s perfect for you. To find it, consider your budget, personal style, the size of your mat, construction material, and the number of extra items you often bring to your yoga class.